5 Things You Should Never Put Into Your Self Storage Unit

what not to store in your self storage unitSelf storage units are great for items you can’t store in your home or office.

If you have excess furniture, papers, books, or even larger items like a boat or seasonal equipment, a self storage unit is an easy and affordable way to keep those items in great shape while not cluttering up your living and work space.

But there are certain items you should never put into your self storage unit. Many self storage facilities have a list of what can and can’t be stored in their rental units, but here are the top ones to get you started:

  1. Hazardous or toxic chemicals. You may think this is obvious but there are many hazardous materials out there that people don’t realize are dangerous. If you are storing old lamps you need to make sure the kerosene is empty. You should also never store household, yard, or garage items like gasoline, paint thinners, cleaning solvents, motor oil, propane tanks, paint, corrosives, alcohol and fireworks.
  2. Guns or any other weapons. This isn’t just about illegal firearms. You should never put hunting rifles, knives, bows and arrows or any other dangerous weapon into your self storage unit. Your firearms could accidentally go off or spark an explosion. Also, you cannot take the risk of theft or the weapons falling into the wrong hands. A self storage unit simply isn’t safe and secure enough to handle such dangerous items.
  3. Radioactive material. If you have any radioactive equipment or medical supplies, you must not place it in your self storage unit. If you’re storing medical equipment for your office or business you should double check that there are no traces of radioactive material before you place it in storage.
  4. Unregistered vehicles. This includes vehicles of all kinds such as cars, boats, motorbikes, snowmobiles and farm equipment. Anything that needs to be properly registered with the city and/or state should have everything up to date before being put into a self storage unit. You should also make sure the vehicle is fully insured before leaving it in self storage. Any damage that may be done to the property because of the vehicle would need to be covered under the law.
  5. Perishable items. You can never place anything in the self storage unit that is considered a perishable item such as food, drink, animal litter or food. This can cause a huge mess as it will attract animals, create odors and jeopardize the sanitary conditions of you self storage unit.

Traditional Self Storage or Mobile Storage?

Are you in need of a self storage rental quickly? Let’s look at the advantages of traditional self storage over mobile storage.

The two are very similar but have important differences. It can be overwhelming with all the packing and moving to try and decide which storage rental is the right one for you.

Both mobile storage and self storage rentals will come in several different sizes. You can choose to rent one that is very small for personal storage, or something large enough to hold a boat, car or office equipment.

mobile self storageMobile storage units often come to you, making them convenient, however you need to have a place to put them. If you currently rent a home or apartment, it’s unlikely the owners will allow a mobile storage unit to be placed on their property. Some cities also prohibit parking these units on the street.

Traditional self storage units also often offer climate control. If you are storing items that can be hurt or damaged by heat, cold, moisture, or vermin, then you may want to pay extra for a climate controlled unit. Another benefit of traditional self storage is that units are always in one location.

However the main reason traditional self storage wins out over mobile is security.

Mobile storage units are out in the open, with only one security barrier: A lock. Some allow you to provide your own lock, which makes you the primary one responsible for security.

traditional self storageTraditional self storage facilities are often surrounded by a gate, walls or are somehow blocked off from the public. Many facilities utilize key code security just to access the facility.

Another advantage of traditional self storage is that units are sometimes housed in a large building. This adds an extra layer of security onto your self storage unit as it usually has 24-hour security with cameras and even a guard.

Keep these comparisons in mind when you are considering going for either a traditional self storage unit or a mobile storage unit.

Indoor Or Outdoor Self Storage?

There are many different types of storage rentals, from small self storage units found in secure buildings to mobile storage units that can be placed anywhere.

If you are planning to rent a storage rental it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about what type of storage space you need.

  • Are you planning to store larger items such as a boat?
  • Smaller household items like paper products or clothing?

You should also ask yourself how long you will need the storage rental for, how much you’re willing to pay, and if you need easy access.

Once those questions have been answered you can start shopping around for the best storage rental for you.

Here are some options you’ll encounter:

Outdoor Self Storage

If you’re looking to store large outdoor and seasonal items such as boats, bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles or equipment, you need a storage facility with easy outdoor access.

Outdoor storage is ideal because the facilities are often secured (though some are not, so be sure to ask) and sometimes even have security patrolling the location at night.

Outdoor self storage units are also convenient no matter what you are storing because you simply enter the facility and pull your vehicle up to the unit.

Some drawbacks to outdoor self storage are weather or pest damage, so be sure to inquire about what precautions the facility takes to ensure your belongings are protected.

Indoor Self Storage

These units are mostly found in large buildings with lots of security.

You often have to enter a secure site to reach your unit. This can be a drawback to people who want 24-hour easy access to their storage rental.

You should always make sure that your unit is climate controlled so your belongings aren’t hurt by heat, cold, or moisture.

Indoor self storage units are ideal for things like clothing, books, furniture, and household belongings. It’s also a perfect place for office or home business storage.

5 Tips On Choosing the Right Self Storage Company

self storage companyIf you’re in need of a self storage rental it’s a good idea to shop around. Many people don’t realize how many options there are for self storage facilities.

It’s important to keep a few key things in mind. After all, you’ll be putting your valuables, furniture, and even business supplies in the unit. So how do you choose the best self storage unit for you? Here are some things to think about:

  1. Where is the self storage facility located? Location may be a big factor for you depending on how often you plan to visit your unit. If you are using the self storage unit to store things for your business or company, you may want to choose a self storage company that is near your home or office. You should also be careful of the neighborhood you are choosing. A neighborhood with high crime rates likely isn’t the best.
  2. What are the hours? Some self storage units are open 24-hours, others offer you 24-hour access with keys or a code, and some have basic hours. If you’re planning to visit the unit a lot you will want something with 24-hour access. If you’re moving away you might not need such extensive hours.
  3. What is the security like? Pay close attention to the security of not just your personal self storage unit, but of the entire building. After all, you don’t want anything broken into. 24-hour security is best whether it’s a guard or a security system.
  4. Is the unit climate controlled? This is very important even if you are only planning to store your items for a short amount of time. Any cold, heat, moisture, or vermin can destroy things like clothing, furniture, valuables, and antiques. Make sure the self storage unit is climate controlled before you choose one.
  5. What is the cost? This is an obvious question, but there is more to it than what company is the cheapest. Factor in all of the above elements as well as the length of time you plan to keep the self storage rental. Perhaps visit the facility and ask a current tenant. Do they offer any move-in deals? The cheapest facility is not always the right facility.

How To Find The Perfect Self Storage Unit In Toronto

toronto self storageToronto is a fantastic city with so much to offer. Not only is it the largest city in Canada, it’s the fifth most populous city in all of North America. This makes it tough to find the kind of home or apartment you need whether you already live there or you are moving. This is where a reliable self storage unit comes in.

You can find a huge variety of self storage units that can house large items such as snowmobiles, boats, and farm equipment down to the smaller items like china and jewelry. It can be a little overwhelming when you’re looking for the perfect self storage space. To help you out, here are a couple things you should be looking for:

  1. Do you need climate control? If you are planning to store any items that are affected by heat, cold, moisture, or humidity you’ll need to make sure you are renting a climate controlled self storage unit. Obviously Toronto weather is more on the chilly side, so be sure to wrap and box all your items properly.This can mean the difference between finding your item damaged from its long stay in self storage or in the same condition you left it in.
  2. Keep out all pests. Although most self storage facilities work hard to keep their units pest free, you can help with this as well. Never store anything that will attract bugs or mice such as pet food. This will keep your self storage unit clean and in good shape.
  3. Does it have to be in Toronto? When you’re shopping for the right self storage unit, location is of course important, but how important? If having a storage unit across the street from your apartment or having one 30 miles away in a safe town like Mississauga means you’re saving $100 per month, then maybe it’s worth the drive. After all, how often are you going to be visiting that storage unit? If you’re storing for your business, then a closer unit may be necessary, but really think about if you can manage to take what you need, when you need it, and save on monthly rent.
  4.  Organize your items while packing. Once you’ve found the perfect unit it’s time to start organizing. If you need to return to your unit during the time you’re renting, make sure you organize properly so you can easily reach the items you need. Label everything so it’s easy to find and you can also create a little walkway in the unit to make the boxes in the back accessible too.

Take the Sting Out Of Downsizing with a Self Storage Rental

downsizing your home with self storageThere are times when downsizing is a fact of life, but a self storage rental unit can help.

Many of us will be faced with downsizing at some point or another. Perhaps it’s moving away to college, moving abroad for business, financial hardships, or moving into a retirement home. Whatever the reason, getting a self storage unit can help you keep the items you most treasure in perfect condition.

You don’t have to worry about trying to sell them or give them away. With a self storage rental you can keep everything in a climate controlled area and know that it is there waiting for you when you need it. This is a great idea for people who are planning to move around for business before settling down. If you have a houseful of items you know you’ll want later such as furniture, books and art, a self storage rental unit is perfect. The items will be safe and well cared for with 24-hour security.

It’s cost effective, too. Much cheaper and easier than trying to sell all your items and re-buy them when you’re ready to move back home.

Retiring is another reason why you might need to think about downsizing. Once children have left, many people realize that their home is larger than they want to maintain. Moving into a condo, vacation home, or just a smaller home can be a great money saver and the next logical step after retiring. But it’s also hard to give up all of your treasured furniture and belongings.

A self storage unit is the perfect way to give yourself all the extra space you need.

7 Questions to Ask About Storage Rental Security

self storage securityNo matter what you’re planning to place in your storage rental unit you want it to be safe and fully protected.

It could be boxes full of paperwork for past clients, rare books, vintage furniture, family heirlooms or seasonal equipment. Your items are valuable and you should be able to sleep at night knowing they are secure in the storage rental unit you choose.

So what should you be looking for when shopping around for a storage rental unit? There are many different security options out there: 24-hour guards, coded gate entry, sturdy locks.

Here are some questions you should be asking about security before settling on a storage rental.

  1. How can people access the storage rental unit?
  2. Is there a fence around the storage rental unit?
  3. Is it housed in a building?
  4. Do you have to go through a gate or use a key to get inside?
  5. Are there security measures around the building or property? If you have to use a card or special key to enter the building this can be a deterrent for thieves. The same goes for security cameras, guards, lighting around the building and 24-hour access. Find out if you storage rental space has any of these things.
  6. Does your storage unit keep out the elements? Security is more than just keeping things from being stolen. You also want to know that your belongings will be safe. A good rule of thumb is to find out of your storage rental space has climate control. This will keep out the heat, cold, moisture and other elements that can damage your items.
  7. Where is the storage rental space located? A neighborhood can tell you a lot about the type of business you’re paying for. If you are uncomfortable walking around in the neighborhood where your storage rental is located, it probably isn’t a good fit for you. Make sure it’s in a well-lit, well occupied neighborhood.